Managing Innovation Is a Skill You Can Learn

The future is digital and upskilling is vital. Employees need tools, insights and practical know-how to develop their innovation management capabilities and adapt to ever-evolving circumstances.

Learning Experience

It’s a continuous process and a commercial necessity for any organization hoping to thrive in an era of rapid change. But when it comes to innovation management, this takes time and effort. It also requires expertise. Tell Eva what you hope to achieve with your upskilling programs, and she will design and deliver a highly customized learning experience – whether it is an easy to comprehend introduction to innovation management, or an in-depth semester-long course for students involving practical experience during their academic education.

Applying Innovation Management Tools for Immediate Problem-Solving in Practice

Each time an organization invests in upskilling their leadership and staff in innovation management, Eva’s key question will be: “What impact do you expect from this investment?” The desired impact will be the compass for the design and implementation of the upskilling measures. Each part of the upskilling program will be linked to the organization’s strategic targets, its culture and values – and its ambition to become a leader in effective innovation.

From the first upskilling session on the organization’s specific innovation challenges and barriers will be addressed. It may be lack of customer insights, lack of organizational integration, or lack of focus on agreed new technologies, new customer or market segments. To tackle these barriers, concrete actions will be defined and implemented. This will trigger the desired change already during the upskilling program.

Upskill your employees and students with Eva