Toolbox for Digital Innovation Support

The Challenge

A multinational agency, providing support to their national centers of competence, was looking to establish a common approach to help local companies develop their digital innovation capabilities with the aim to increase their competitiveness.

Dr. Eva Diedrichs

"Innovation success is the reward for taking risk"

The Solution

Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Toolbox

Eva was on hand to lead this six month virtual project. It brought together experts from four different Asian countries to develop a comprehensive toolbox and implement it successfully in more than 100 local companies of varying sizes, across different industries. In a first step the methodology for the digital innovation management was developed. This methodology provided the criteria for the second step - to develop a toolbox for consultants to assess companies’ digital innovation management capabilities.

In a third step, the consultants tested the methodology and toolbox with 100 companies in four different Asian countries. Jointly with the companies’ management they developed the measures to drive digital innovation in the companies. The feedback from the companies and from the consultants helped to further refine the methodology and toolbox.

The Value

For the multinational agency a well-tested common approach for digital innovation management for their members has been made available. The national expert gained knowledge and expertise in developing and testing the methodology and toolbox for digital innovation. 100 local companies gained insights in their digital innovation  strengths and weaknesses. They also learned which steps to take to close the identified gaps. The documentation including tools and templates were made available for the use by experienced consultants.

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