Coaching for Confidence in Managing Innovation with Success

Innovation is crucial — but no one said it would be easy. Managing innovation means change — and change triggers reaction. To succeed in the digital future, innovation must become part of your organization’s DNA and that may require a radical or rapid transformation. This can create a lot of resistance — but resistance is a powerful source of energy when harnessed in the right way. Business as usual in times of disruption might be riskier than innovating. 

Eva’s approach to coaching is considerate, creative and collaborative. She concentrates on:

  • Removing the barriers standing in the way of change
  • Supporting teams and individual team members so they can see the benefits of those changes and turn into people movers
  • Defining talent and enhancing existing capabilities — turning problem-seekers into problem-solvers. Get your talent off the bench!
Learn how Eva will get your talents in innovation management off the bench