Strategy Development in Med-Tech

The Challenge

When a mid-size, med-tech company with a 90 percent share in its domestic market, plus international operations, was challenged by its new owner to grow its business significantly, Eva was consulted for innovation management success.

Dr. Eva Diedrichs

"It is never too early and seldom too late to innovate."

The Solution

Trend Analysis and an In-Depth Examination

Based on a thorough trend analysis of the market as a whole, and an in-depth examination of core competences within the company itself, the solution was to shift the growth strategy from focussing on selling single products to providing turn-key solutions for doctors and hospitals covering the entire medical surgery process.

The Value

For the customers the benefit is in seamless integration of the various components and the single point of contact for a turn-key solution. The company significantly increased their turn-over while at the same time deepened and protected their customer relationships.

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