Boosting Innovation for Local SMEs

The Challenge

A consortium offering a national online platform for innovative start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Eastern Europe realized the need to enhance its performance and capabilities in public tendering for funding of innovation support services. These public procurement processes related to innovation support services require deep knowledge in the subject as well as in the processes, procedures and the relevant key performance indicators.

Dr. Eva Diedrichs

"Innovation pays off – when you manage it professionally."

The Solution

Winning Public Funds for Innovation Management

The consortium leader turned to Eva given her track record in winning public funds for innovation management support. In a first step, the consortium’s main value propositions were defined that best meet the tender’s requirements. In a second step the consortium’s competitive strengths and weaknesses in comparison with potential competitors were defined. This created the basis to emphasize the own strengths in innovation support, and counter the competitors’ strengths throughout the proposal.

Based on this “principle” innovative offerings with high value added for their key clients were identified and described. The consortium members’ core competences built the basis for developing the platform’s value propositions. During several meetings with all consortium members, and in addition with the consortium leadership, the value propositions were shaped in comparison to other market players’ offerings.

The Value

The consortium’s proposal was successful and multi-year public funds were granted to the consortium to enhance local SMEs competitiveness by supporting them in better mastering their innovation challenges.

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