About Eva Diedrichs Innovation Management Consulting

Her Mission

Eva Diedrichs is one of the world’s foremost thought leaders working at the cutting edge of innovation management. Her mission is to enable companies and individuals not only to survive the current era of change and disruption — but thrive through the digital future.

Her Experience

30 Years of Innovation

For the last 30 years, Dr. Diedrichs has been a consultant at Kearney, supporting international clients in the public and private sector, in industries as varied as aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications. Her mission was to transform organizations into innovative market players, teaching them how — in order to evolve — innovation must be embedded in their DNA.

Dr. Eva Diedrichs

"The early innovator catches the market"

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Eva as Innovator

In 2014, Eva founded the European Innovation Management Academy, IMP³rove, a global start-up with a digital business model. During her leadership, more than 10,000 companies around the globe leveraged the IMP³rove online benchmarking on innovation management to improve their potential and value creation.

Eva Shaping International Standards on Innovation Management

Eva’s innovation management expertise played an integral role in the development of the ISO and CEN standards on innovation management. She has also contributed to the World Economic Forum in its “Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe” and “Collaborative Innovation—Transforming Business, Driving Growth” projects, and numerous conferences of international organizations and institutions across the globe including Asian Productivity Organization (APO), UNIDO and OECD. .

Ongoing Commitment

Eva continues to share her expertise as a consultant, lecturer, author of articles and speaker at international conferences.

If your ambition or your challenge is to innovate — or your organization needs systematic management of innovation—she is your guru.

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