Mastering Digital Transformation to Drive Sustainable Growth

The Challenge

When an international organization for regional development identified the need to train its staff for digital transformation the upskilling was left to Eva. The skills should help to better support local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their digital transformation to enhance their competitiveness.

Dr. Eva Diedrichs

"It takes leadership to succeed in innovation"

The Solution

Understanding the Entire Digital Transformation Journey of a SME

Building on a light-touch e-learning tool as cost-efficient introduction to the topic, Eva and the team developed a series of webinars as part of a comprehensive training program. This covered the entire digital transformation journey of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)- from the assessment of digital transformation capabilities to the implementation of digital transformation projects.

During the highly interactive sessions, the participants could share their experience and challenges in developing and implementing digital transformation projects and programs. Eva facilitated the webinars so that the participants also learned from each other what challenges they faced, and how to develop best practices to master those challenges.

The Value

The international organization developed a common “language” for digital transformation and learned about the challenges in digital transformation for organizations and employees. The participants increased their knowledge in effective tools and methods to support digital transformation in SMEs and how to master (cultural) change in an organization. Thus, both the organization itself and their beneficiaries increased their confidence in embracing digital transformation.

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